Difference between Brazilian, India, Peruvian and Malaysian Hair Extension

Difference between Brazilian, India, Peruvian and Malaysian Hair Extension

Every woman wants to look pretty and attractive. The most important thing for any women is her makeup and hairstyle. Beautiful hair is the representation of woman’s unique style. That’s why it is imperative that your hair is always gorgeous. The trend of Hair extensions is increasing day by day among stylish girls and woman. Have you ever try any Hair extensions from Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian or Peruvian brands? Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian Hair extensions are very popular. Now we will discuss the differences between these Hair extensions.

Brazilian Hair Extension

If you want to look stylish and gorgeous, you should buy Brazilian Hair Extension. It represents the unique style of woman’s personality. There are many products of Hair bundles available on the market. Brazilian is a high-quality hair extension product. It is made up of natural hair. Virgin Brazilian Hair become popular in last few years. It is the best option whether you choose straight, wavy or curly style hair extension.

Indian Hair Extension

Indian Hair Extension is made up of natural hair that’s why it gives you complete natural look. Main specialties of this Hair bundles include unusual versatile styles, thick. The Indian hair extension is very light and easy to style. You can get this hair extension in many types or styles. But the question comes in mind which hair extension is more suitable for us, Brazilian or Indian?

Is Brazilian Hair better than Indian Hair?

These Hair extensions are different in texture, pattern and hair colors. The demand for Hair extensions is increasing day by day. Brazilian Hair extensions are available in the wavy, straight and curl pattern. You can style it very quickly. Brazilian and India hair can blend with African American looks. We can say that the best types of Hair extensions are Brazilian and Indian Hair.

Peruvian Hair extensions

Peruvian Hair extensions are thicker than any other hair extension, and it is available in straight, slightly wavy in texture than Brazilian Hair extension. The main benefit of this hair extension is that it provides more volume and looks natural. Peruvian hair extension become popular, especially among Black women. If we compare Brazilian with Peruvian Hair extensions, Brazilian Hair bundles are available in wide range of colors and are much shinier than Peruvian Hair extensions. Peruvian extensions are thicker than Indian and Brazilian Hair.

Malaysian Hair Extension

Malaysian virgin is another type of hair extension which is popular in the market nowadays. As the name suggests, this hair extension comes from south-east Asian country of Malaysia. It is one of the best quality extensions available in Malaysia. If you choose curly hair extension, then the curls are long lasting in Malaysian Hair bundles. This hair extension is stable. You can get this extension in every color. Like Brazilian Hair, it is also available in different colors. It is silkier and softer than Peruvian hair. These Hair extensions add beauty and styling to your look.

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